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IONIS will develop a flexible and modular system that will provide a viable solution for AAL by contributing to the development of a next generation of AAL intelligent frameworks. IONIS will provide environment aware services with natural and comfortable interfaces for older adults featuring an adaptable cost scale and performing: (1) indoor & outdoor localization; (2) health & home monitoring (including sleep monitoring); (3) easy communication through one-button calls; (4) user interaction through dynamically adapted interfaces for different devices, easy and intuitive to be used by both people with dementia and their caregivers; (5) smart data aggregation (correlation between health and home parameters); (6) smart interaction with the user through multiple correlated interfaces (e.g. fixed screen, tablet, voice messaging, one-button calling, etc). The system will be developed starting from a user-centered design by using existing technologies (where possible), prioritizing open systems interconnectivity and open source libraries. IONIS will be an extensible and scalable solution, respecting the business models and interests of the technology partners. Part of the project will be made available to new companies aiming at developing additional applications based existing capabilities, or adding new ones to the framework.