IONIS S Solution (EN)


IONIS is a service for caregivers of people with Mild Cognitive Impairment and in early stages of Dementia.

IONIS provides assistance for safe and independent living
with support of assistive and smart technologies.

IONIS is a simple solution with a Starter Package*
of smartwatch, gateway and tablet/laptop.


Know where your beloved is around the clock!

Older adults are at higher risk of incidents like falls and injuries, syncope, and stroke. Many of them have multiple diseases and may experience exacerbation. Acute states e.g. respiratory infections may cause sudden decline of the health status. All these states require quick response and treatment to promote full recovery. Sudden changes in health status usually affect daily activity and impair mobility. Therefore, the possibility to monitor localization of an older family member may increase safety, augment self-confidence of the older individual.

Moreover, people with cognitive impairment may experience sudden change in mental health called acute confusional state or delirium due to multiple causes. Additionally, they may become disoriented in place, especially in new environments. Therefore, outdoor localization monitoring may be extremely helpful in such situations.

Be informed in time if her/his health is down!

Sudden decline of health in older adults may be due to multiple causes including infections, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, diarrhea, falls, medication errors and many more. Timely reaction and providing medical assistance are crucial to start adequate treatment and prevent complications. An older individual may not know how serious the situation is and may think that “feeling not well” is normal. The possibility to access health parameters by a caregiver creates opportunity for early diagnosis of health problems and promptly seeking medical care.

Take advantage of health data at hand in conversations with doctors!

Medical visits may be stressful for older individuals and their caregivers. On the other hand, doctors ask for some objective measures of health status, e.g. blood pressure, heart rate, glycemia, weight, changes in medication regimen and others. Having health measurements at hand in a mobile device may make the process of exchanging information more efficient and may prevent errors due to miscommunication. Additionally, it may increase patient’s satisfaction with care and augment patient’s participation and self-care. Using novel technologies for communication in health care may improve the quality of care based on accurate and timely data.


Easy and useful

Your beloved only needs to wear a watch and you receive all information you need: alerts, location, health data.

How does IONIS function?

IONIS app is connected to IONIS portal that manages and displays data on your phone, tablet or computer. The data is securely transferred and secured under the EU health data regulation.

Starter package

Smartwatch and gateway with smooth integration of listed health and home devices that can be purchased according to your needs. Additional functionalities are available through various devices that are a part of the Premium packages.

Devices and functionalities available within IONIS solution:

  • Wellbeing and Safety

    • Sleep monitoring
    • Heart rate
    • Steps
    • Indoor location
    • Outdoor location
    • Environmental sensors
  • Health monitoring and fitness

    • Heart Rate
    • Blood pressure
    • Weight monitoring

List of integrated devices

(More details available upon request)

Smart Bracelet, Activity Tracker
Precision Body Weight Scale with Bluetooth
Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth SMART Technology
Smart power plug
Environmental multisensor (PIR, door/window, temperature and illumination)
Motion Sensor
Sleepmonitoring device
Smartwatch GPS 3G
Fitness tracker
Indoor localisation and fall detection
Activity tracking, outdoor localization, geofencing
Object localisation
EXYS9200-SNG (gateway)
Communication with elderly user/receiving alerts/visualising healt and domotic parameters for the supervised elderly user
Tablet for elderly users
Blood pressure monitor with built in ECG (AFIB detect)
Blood glucose meter
Body temperature meter